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Exclusive Meeting with Natural KAOS Founder “Kim” with Filler House


Exclusive Meeting with Natural KAOS Founder “Kim” with Filler House

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Filler House team is thrilled to meet the icon of the aesthetician industry Kimberly Pratt, the founder of Natural KAOS platform. We would like to express how delighted we are to have Kim in South Korea. It is worth mentioning that we started working with Kim since the beginning of Fillerhouse project in 2020, it has been such a journey and we appreciate her cooperation with us.

In this blog, we would like to share, with all our beloved customers, the quality time we spent with Kim. Moreover, as most of us are curious about how Kim started taking initiative in this field, we have prepared an exclusive meeting for only our Filler House Family to know more about Kim’s skin journey. We hope you guys enjoy it. Our community is now getting bigger and bigger, and we are so proud of the level of trust our customers put in us and we are taking this as our main priority and always working towards achieving our customer's satisfaction. Please feel free to engage with us by commenting on this blog.

Finally, we want to let all our dear customers know that we are trying our best to maintain a healthy and trustworthy environment. Our support team is doing its best to answer all your questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us for support.
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Watch Interview with Kim on our Instagram @fillerhouse_

Best wishes to our dear customers, from Korea with love, Filler House Team



Comments (2)

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    Rose Krauss Clark
    2023-01-24 21:48:29

    I am trying to apply the code given to me and it is not working. I do not understand why. It is within the time of the sale date as it is still popping up on my screen as well. Please help. Thank you so much, Rose Krauss

    The code is KAOS35. I had to use the code KAOS20 and I wasn't too happy about having not been able to use the actual code provided for me. If it had worked I would have ordered many more products. Very disappointing.

  • ratings
    Maureen Jones
    2022-11-18 21:00:46

    Filler House is wonderful they always answer questions , get back to you in a timely manner and resolve any issues you may have.
    Love them they are fantastic for sure, thank you "Filler House and Kim, natural kaos"!

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