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Unopened Toxins:

lyophilizate Botulinum toxin (powder residue left on the bottom), it has storage conditions and shelf life specified on its packaging, which can vary depending on the product and brand. It is important to check the information in the package, the shelf life, and the storage recommendations, this will ensure that the product is safe and potent when it is used.

According to the manufacturers recommendation Botulinum toxins should be stored in the refrigerator, at 2° C to 8° C, or in the freezer, below 5° C. by keeping the interior of the refrigerator sterile and clean to prevent bacterial contamination (Medical refrigerator is recommended due to its stability in the temperature). Talking about the shelf life, most of the toxins have a 24-36month shelf life from their manufacturing date.

Several medical research suggests that the manufacturer's storage recommendations is way too conservative. A few studies have investigated the effectiveness of different brands of botulinum toxins and found that they last longer than the recommended period. Various studies have investigated what happens to Botox when it is exposed to storage conditions outside the normal range, and they found that botulinum toxin remains stable for 14 days at 25° C and 7 days at 30° C.

Aside from the traditional toxins, we have one of the most significant milestones regarding botulinum toxins, among liquid toxin, Innotox is one of the most toxins with a high tolerance of the change of the temperature, it is completely fine to store it in a room temperature between(2°-25°C). This toxin can stand up to 40° C as long as the vial stays sealed.

Also, it is worthy to mention the recently launched Metox Toxin, which according to the manufacturer it can be stable also in a room temperature between(2°-25°C) without losing its effectivity.

Shipping Precautions

Now, when you order a toxin from Filler House the toxin ix packed with an ice pack in a special thermal bag which keeps the best temperature for the toxin; even if the ice packs melt, the thermal bag will protect and keep a stable temperature for the toxin.

We all know that shipping, delivery service can be unpredictable, and can happen that the package gets stuck in transit or is left outside for some hours or days. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry at all!! Toxins are able to stay stable even outside of their recommended storage conditions.

Additionally, don’t forget that the product packaging and vial is designed to maintain the stability of the product even in extreme shipping conditions.  So, the possibility that the toxin suffer damage and get used is very low.

Reconstituted toxins

Talking first of the manufacturer recommendation, the toxin should be used in the next 4 hours after reconstitution for the best results, or within 24 hours keeping in the main wile stored in a refrigerator (2° to 8°C). A reconstituted toxin should be clear, colorless, and free of particles. And is recommended to use it immediately after reconstitution in a syringe.

There are some researchers who compared the effectiveness of the toxin once is reconstituted, "unopened Botulinum toxin remain stable for longer than expected, and at more extreme temperatures", studies suggest that reconstituted botulinum toxin can be used for much longer than you may think.  It has been shown that reconstituted Botox can be safely used after days or even weeks later, with the same initial effectiveness and duration, therefore, it is possible to store your vial after opening and then use it again without worrying about the loss of effectivity.

These studies show that you can save your Botox solution for future use, reducing waste and stretching your budget. Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize that the mentioned research has been made in a controlled environment with the optimal conditions of storage and hygiene. Hence this brings us to another important point, hygiene and sterility which is important to be careful about when withdrawing from the same vial over and over again for a long period of time can lead to contamination.

Thanks to the new technologies and advance in modern medicine strong, secure, and reliable botulinum toxins have been achieved and also verified by several studies.

But remember that it is always best to stick to storage times with the product manufacturer!!

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    Sheri Gould
    2022-10-09 13:23:56

    Thank you FillerHouse for all the videos and helpful information you provide to us as consumers.

  • ratings
    2022-05-01 09:27:22

    This was very helpful information and put to rest some of my own concerns

  • ratings
    Sharon Mowry
    2022-03-09 02:01:29

    Thanks for the great information!

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