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Mesotherapy & Micro-needling


Mesotherapy & Micro-needling

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Needling treatments have taken patients attention for the past decade, this method that some dermatologists use to treat different skin conditions helps address many skin-related complaints, including, wrinkles, scarring, acne, Hyperpigmentation etc.

Basically, Mesotherapy and Micro-needling treatments both involve needling techniques, however, there are many significant differences too, such as the needle length, the depth of penetration in the skin and the speed of delivery during treatment and when making the decisions between micro-needling and mesotherapy for aesthetic treatment, it really comes down to the results you’re looking to achieve. how do these differ? And which should you choose?

What is Mesotherapy? 


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment option that involves the use of needles. However, for this treatment only one needle is used at a time. This needle is superfine, and designed to pass below the dermis, straight into the subcutaneous tissue below. By directly targeting deeper skin tissue, cocktails of vitamins, minerals and important amino acids and plant extracts can be injected exactly where they are most needed. Meso-facial treatments are offered to treat a variety of skin conditions including skin laxity, dark circle under the eyes, acne scarring, pigmentation and cellulite. There are several clinics that also use Mesotherapy for hair loss, to stimulate hair growth and there is also a no-needle Mesotherapy treatment which uses an ultrasound device to interact with skin cells allowing better absorption of active ingredients within the cell.


Which type of client suits mesotherapy?

  • Acne scarring
  • Loose skin
  • Dull, dehydrated and lackluster skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

For skin pigmentation issues, mesotherapy is also an ideal option. "The injections contain essential ingredients for long-term healthy skin that also help to remove sluggish toxins from the skin cells too. This can help to combat dark circles under the eye, as well dark or discolored patches of skin that can be an unwanted issue.

Clients in their twenties, thirties and beyond who are seeking a little added glow and luster to their skin will be most interested in mesotherapy,"
Mesotherapy is best suited for skin issues that present from within the lower layers of the skin, such as dehydration and advanced ageing, because a targeted active solution is being injected as the needle is penetrating the skin.

Many mesotherapy solutions have a hyaluronic acid base for this reason, infusing hydration for a plumping glow from deep within the skin.

What is Micro-needling?

From one needle technique, we move to the use of several with the treatment of Micro-needling. In the early 1990s derma rolling was invented, this was where practitioners would roll miniature needles up and down the face to combat the main signs of ageing in the skin. This technique was also used to improve the appearance of surgical scars and pitted acne scarring. Over the years derma stamping techniques have also been used but the most recent and most effective Micro-needling technology is in the form of a skin needling pen. These devices use several ultrafine needles to penetrate the dermis and create a wound which then stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin during a wound healing response in the skin. When topical products are applied to the skin prior to treatment the act of creating tiny micro-holes allows better absorption of the product within the skin cells, over recent years Micro-needling has been combined with lots of other new and innovative technologies including Radiofrequency and Electroporation to maximize treatment results for clients.



Which type of client suits micro-needling?

The main purpose of micro-needling is skin rejuvenation. The action of micro-needling helps promote cell regeneration and exfoliation on a deeper level, which ensures that outer skin layers are replaced with new cells.
"Micro-needling is particularly good for treating the textural changes associated with acne scarring".
It is highly recommended for clients suffering the following concerns:
Acne scars on the face
Wrinkles around the eyes and neck
Surgical scars on the abdomen.



Mesotherapy or Micro-needling? which will suit my clinic best?

We know that with skin pen devices we could adjust needle depth, which means you can achieve more precise and controlled treatment.
Devices also use a vertical stamping method with ultrafine needles, so you can have a less painful treatment and less downtime compared to other aesthetic procedures for skin rejuvenation.
Treatments are usually quicker with Micro-needling than Mesotherapy particularly as speed can be adjusted on your device. Having quicker treatment times is going to result in booking more clients into your diary and therefore increase your return on investment.


Comments (1)

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    Adriana Mac-Arango
    2022-07-20 05:08:35

    This is great info; appreciate how all techniques are broken down.
    I personally have tried all the techniques, have to admit that Micro-needling is my favorite. I have used the roller but the Dr. PEN is much easier. I also have the EZ Injector, which I have yet to try but looking forward to it.
    As for Mesotherapy, I did this technique before getting the Dr. Penn or EZ Injector...I'm pretty sure the EZ injector will be a lot easier for the Mesotherapy technique instead of the syringe. I only do the meso technique under my eyes when applying products such as Lumi Eyes, doing meso all over my face is not something I really care for, maybe I haven't really given it much of a chance but again, that's why I purchased the EZ injector...let's see.
    Again, all techniques are great with each having there own benefits & having the option...I definitely keep all of them in my skincare routine.

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