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Regenovue Aquashine Plus

Regenovue Aquashine Plus


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The biorevitalizant Regenovue Aquashine Plus (3 syringes of 3 ml) is the most effective drug for rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck. Uniform injection of hyaluronic acid into the dermal layer leads to brightness and hydration of the skin. Just a 10-15 minute procedure leads to skin rejuvenation making it brighter, moisturized and more elastic. The difference between Aquashine Plus and Aquashine is that this preparation contains minimally crossed hyaluronic acid. Due to this, hyaluronic acid remains in the skin longer and the effect of the procedure lasts for longer as well. Active components: Minimum Crossed Hyaluronic Acid 15mg Buffered Saline Phosphate pH 7.0 Benefits of Regenovue – Aquashine Plus: 1. Skin rejuvenation – brightening the skin – skin texture improvement – giving elasticity to the skin – narrowing of pores – removal of pigments (freckles, spots) 2. Moisturizing – improvement of dry skin – the effect of moisturized skin, regardless of the season – removal of dead skin cells 3. Lift – removal of fine wrinkles – improving skin elasticity – prevention of skin aging Efficacy Regenovue – Aquashine 1. visible result after 1-2 weeks 2. the duration of action is up to 8 months Areas of use: Nasolabial folds Eye area The chin Lips and lip area Forehead and eyebrow

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    Lisa Carlson
    2021-06-25 11:56:12

    Regenovue Aquashine Plus is SO awesome!! If you like Hyaron then you will absolutely LOVE this product! It is like Hyaron but 10x better! It is very similar in consistency maybe even a tad thinner & is very lightly crosslinked so it stays in the skin much better & longer allowing longer hydration, more collagen & EGF growth. I have not tried the BAP technique w/this due to the cross linking but I have injected larger amounts in certain areas. It does spread out all through the skin so it’s not like a filler in the sense that fillers are highly crosslinked allow them to stay where you put them. I’m sure you probably could do the BAP tech w/this but I like to put it in the areas I want it to be spread out a bit more evenly. It usually takes a couple days for the bumps to settle very similar again to Hyaron. This Aquashine + is just on a whole new level. Personally I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Hyaron because this is so much better! It also lightly softens fine lines much better too! Try this, you will not be disappointed & will probably also fall in love w/it!

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