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Care Ampoule

Care Ampoule


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Lifting Care Ampoule

Skin type:Loose skin with fine lines.Dry and thin skin


Main Ingredient


· Witch hazel extract : Restores skin balance. Soothing.
· Antler extract : Nourishing

Soothing Care Ampoule

Skin type: Itchy skin due to dryness, atopic dermatitis, etc.Dull skin stressed from external environment

Main Ingredient:

· Green tea extract : Pore-tightening and firming.
· Licorice extract : Soothing, softening.
· Peony root extract : Moisturizing, soothing, cooling.

Moisture Care Ampoule

Skin type:Dry or loose skin that require more hydration

Main Ingredient:

· Peony root extract : Moisturizing, soothing, and cooling.
· Lotus flower extract : Moisturizing and skin protection.
· Lily extract : Softening, nourishing, moisturizing.

Clear Care Ampoule

Skin type:Oily and trouble-prone skin with excessive sebum

Main Ingredient

· Cinnamomum cassia bark extract
The cinnamon oil protects and soothes the skin from harmful external environment including the UV rays.
· Tea tree oil
Anti-inflammatory, astringent. Protects skin from harmful external environment.
· Allantoin
Extracted from the root of comfrey. Soothing.

Snow Care Ampoule

Skin type:Pigmented skin that requires brightening care.Uneven skin tone

Main Ingredient:

· Niacinamide
A water-soluble vitamin B complex that clarifies the skin. Anti-oxidant.
· Morus alba bark extract
Soothing, brightening, and moisturizing.
· Rhododendron aureum extract
Moisturizing, brightening.


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