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Dr. Drawing E.G.F. Complex

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Dr. Drawing Whitening &amp Moisturizing AmpouleDr. Drawing E.G.F. Complex Skin Whitening &amp Moisturizing Ampoule is an efficient complex to treat the skin optimally. The ampoule achieves instant results, leaving the skin looking radiant and moisturized.The ampoule is a highly enriched serum. The interaction of peptides, such as E.G.F. epidermal growth factor, achieves a continuous moisturizing effect and smoothing of the skin. The high content of nicotinamide stimulates the natural rejuvenation of the skin and significantly improves the barrier function.The serum can be used for a wide range of cosmetic treatments. You will achieve the greatest effect in combination with a microneedling treatment using the DermaPen.Fields of application:Uneven skin texturePigmentation disordersAge-related skin changesEnlarged poresSallow complexionScope of delivery:10x 7ml Dr. Drawing E.G.F. Complex Skin Whitening Ampoule2x dosing attachment


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