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Pore Tightening Black Mask Pack 50ml

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EUNYUL Pore Tightening Black Mask Peel Off Type Charcoal 50ml

[Convenient 15 Minutes Peel Off Mask] After washing the face, applying the mask and peel off after 15 to 20 minutes, removing dirt and sebum clogging up the pore that cause breakouts

[CLEAN PORES, SMOOTH SKIN] Reduces pores and extracts blackheads, whiteheads, sebum, and other impurities trapped within the pores to help create smooth and soft skin.

[NATURAL INGREDIENTS] Includes natural extracts that minimize irritation to the skin to keep the skin looking radiant and clear. (Charcoal powder, Tea tree, Witch hazel, Apple mint, Lemongrass, Lemon balm leaf, Bamboo, Lavender)

The mask's charcoal base is enhanced with various plant extracts to efficiently clear the pores for soft and smooth skin with minimal irritation.

Great for: Removing dead skin, Improving dull and rough skin, Reducing excess sebum, Clearing clogged pores, Keeping the skin clear and radiant


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