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Hyafilia Classic

Hyafilia Classic


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One of the biggest advantages of this best-selling soft-tissue filler is its incredible safety. Even though its HA has gone a cross-linking process, the product does not have traces of BDDE residue which considerably reduces the risk of adverse effects and allergic reactions. HyaFilia Classic is a one-of-a-kind skin rejuvenation solution since it relies on a biphasic gel structure, part of which is non-stabilized and another – stabilized. As a result, this highly-rated filler injection has greater gel plasticity and elasticity that guarantees a more painless and quick treatment for patients and a smoother injection procedure for cosmetic surgeons. It is inexpensive It offers instant anti-wrinkle results It is proven to be safe It improves skin’s overall condition It is more durable than other HA-based fillers.



Important Notice!


As Lidocaine and non-lidocaine Hyafilia Classic are subject to availability. The product will be sent randomly according to inventory availability.
In the case that a specific product is required, please send us a message in advance or let us know your preference in the comments the moment you place your order.


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