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Metoo Light

Metoo Light


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METOO FILL LIGHT is the smallest particle, Suitable for small wrinkles or thin skin three- dimensional sense and other delicate parts.


high level of gel elasticity;
contains lidocaine;
speeds up collagen and elastin synthesis;
safe for the body (low level of impurities);

Long lasts up to 1 year.

Break through the traditional hyaluronic acid

Through three years of research and development METOO FILL+ is to maximize the
advantages of upgrading traditional hyaluronic acid, To form a superior three-dimensional and stamina.

High elasticity and high cohesion make perfect finish design

METOO FILL+ gel factor is small and balanced, Long-term maintenance of shaping effect, Meticulous and delicate surgical effect, Suitable for the performance of the sharp contour, simple and easy to use.

Contains 0.3mg / ml lidocaine to reduce pain
1.0 ml of METOO FILL + contains 0.3 mg / ml lidocaine, surgery to minimize pain, More sensitive to pain can easily treatments.

Impurities are 0.0001% clean and pure hyaluronic acid filler.
KFDA certified range hyaluronic acid impurities and toxins content of 2%, METOO FILL + content of close to 0 is a very safe high-purity hyaluronic acid.

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