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Metoo Volume

Metoo Volume


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Is the largest particle products, METOO FILL VOLUME is to Correction the overall face, and create a strong sense of three-dimensional. With the correction of the jaw, improve the nose, the overall effect of facial lines.


high level of gel elasticity;
contains lidocaine;
speeds up collagen and elastin synthesis;
safe for the body (low level of impurities);

Long lasts up to 1 year.

Product purpose:

Applicable for the correction of the jaw, improve the nose form, the overall effect of facial lines.

Break through the traditional hyaluronic acid

Through three years of research and development METOO FILL+ is to maximize the
advantages of upgrading traditional hyaluronic acid, To form a superior three-dimensional and stamina.

High elasticity and high cohesion make perfect finish design

METOO FILL+ gel factor is small and balanced, Long-term maintenance of shaping effect, Meticulous and delicate surgical effect, Suitable for the performance of the sharp contour, simple and easy to use.

Contains 0.3mg / ml lidocaine to reduce pain
1.0 ml of METOO FILL + contains 0.3 mg / ml lidocaine, surgery to minimize pain, More sensitive to pain can easily treatments.

Impurities are 0.0001% clean and pure hyaluronic acid filler.
KFDA certified range hyaluronic acid impurities and toxins content of 2%, METOO FILL + content of close to 0 is a very safe high-purity hyaluronic acid.

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