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Sardenya Deep with Lidocaine

Sardenya Deep with Lidocaine


Sardenya Deep with Lidocaine

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Sardenya is a high-quality hyaluronic acid filler certified by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM). This filler is created by HoPE (Homogeneous Process and Equilibration) Technology, who optimized for maintaining uniform crosslinking of HA. Sardenya has an excellent volumizing effect due to its high storage modulus, which helps shape the contour of the procedure site.


Benefits of Sardenya:

endotoxin is less than 0.04 EU / mg

produced from non-animal ingredients and no skin test is required before the procedure

HA of Sardenya has a high molecular weight and its high crosslinking rate slows decomposition

provides natural and long-lasting procedure results

contains lidocaine for enhancement of patient satisfaction

Sardenya Deep has medium severity of elasticity and used for correction of moderate skin defects.


Scope of Sardenya Deep:

correction of medium and deep wrinkles and creases

correction of nasolabial folds

maximum lip augmentation

face contour reinforcement

correction of sagging skin (gravitational ptosis)

replenishment of tissue deficiency

Aesthetic effect lasts from 12 to 18 months.

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