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Hydra Aqua Peel Facial Machine

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'- With the vacuum suction, micro bubbles can remove any dirt and dead skin particles scars, blemishes, supply lasting nutrition to the skin, make skin more moisture and smooth.- Deep cleaning, clear skin, minimally invasive scar, and clearing blackhead, remove deep skin dirt.- Six different color light therapies that use the energy and properties of color to relieve stress and enhance vitality- The most innovative skin care , suitable for beauty salon. 2. Safe and effective skin whitening. 3. Instead of the traditional art and traditional exfoliating skin care. 4. Instantly improve skin dry state , and to achieve a safe , efficient and fast replenishes nutrients.- The product is small and convenient in size, comfortable to handle, small bubble body type, can be carried with you, whether it is for business trip or tourism, it is always with you.


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