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Plamon Plasma Pen

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Aesthetic Multi-Plasma Solution
- All-in-one system with simply changeable 4 types of plasma treatment probe
- Easy to use by the wheel dial for adjustment of output power with strong and wide range
- Rechargeable battery-power with micro USB connection
- Output Frequency: 40kHz
- Power Level: Steps 1~9 (Analog wheel type)
- Output Mode: Continuous, Pulse
- Pulse Mode Frequency: 500Hz
- Various Functional tip: Lifting ball tip, Fractional tip, Permeating tip, Acne tip with disposable plasma film
- LED indications: Power, Low battery, Charge status
- Power supply: Internal 3.7V, 500mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery with micro USB charger
- Weight: 80g
- Dimension: 192x35x26mm
- Life Time: Fully charged, Max 3 hours
Main Function
Plasma is induced into tissues for heat, sterilization and lifting
Specialized for the Treatment of
- Acne Care
- Facial Lifting for Deep Wrinkles
- Cosmetic Absorbent Functioning
- Plasma Arc
B2B Trade
Fibroblast Treatments:

Tightens lower eyelid and excess upper eyelid skin

Reduces crows feet
Reduces Smoker Lines and marionette lines
Tightens loose skin on Neck (NECK LIFT)
Reduces Nasal Labials lines
Tightens Loose skin on the Jowls
Improves the appearance of acne scars
Removes skin Tag
Diminishes stretch marks and scars
NO RETURNS ALLOWED, all sales final.
1 Year Manufacturer warranty
Manufactured in South Korea
Includes Fractional, Permeating, Lifting, Acne probes

Output frequency 40khz
Output power control: Analog Volume of 1-9 steps
Mode: continuous 500z Modulated pulse
Various Functional tips: Lifting ball Tip, Fractional tip, Permeating tip, acne tip with disposable plasma-film, LED indications: power, shot, low battery, charge status, Power supply: internal 3.7V 400mAh Llithium polymer rechargeable battery with micro USB CHARGER, WEIGHT 100G, DIMENSION: 165 x 38 x 23mm


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