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Slim Point for Body 1 vial

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Slim Point for Body

Slim Point - Body. Newest Slim Lipolysis solution for Face and Body.

High lipolysis metabolism! Fast release! By vitamin B12 and ecxellent ingredients in lipolysis Advanced Lipolysis solution.

For thouse who:

  • burdened with liposuction
  • has not had the effet of losing weight by dieting
  • who wants quick weight loss in a short perion of time
  • who wants to resolve local obesity in a specific area
  • who do not get effect other treatments.


  • Proteinase in pineapple
  • Effect of lipolysis
  • Treatment of inflammation and wound healing
  • Reduced edema and pain


  • Stimulation of lipase activity
  • Emulsification and transport of triglycerides in fat cells
  • Fat cell wall degradation
  • Dissolving bad cholesterol in the blood, such as waste products and triglycerides clogged in blood vessels, and discharges them out of the body (prevents unnecessary accumulation of fat).

Package: 1 vial * 30cc


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