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Revitalrex (syr.)

Revitalrex (syr.)


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Stimulation of cell formation - PDRN promotes proliferation of human skin fibroblast.

Stimulation of Angiogenesis & Improving Blood Flow - PDRN induces VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Cell Growth Factor), resulting in angiogenesis and improved blood flow.
PDRN produces nucleotides & nucleosides which are used when forming DNA and therefore activating normal cell proliferation & growth.

Ingredient: 5,626 mg of polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) per 1 Syringe (3 ml)
DNA mixture of 50–1 500 kDa
Package: 3 ml* 1 syring


Country of Manufacturer: South Korea

  • ratings
    Lisa Carlson
    2021-07-01 13:05:59

    This was 1 of the 1st PDRN products I tried before getting Curenex & I really like this! It went in very easy, no burning whatsoever! It’s a great product especially if you’re looking for an alternative or a more inexpensive product to get you buy until your next Curenex or MeToo refill! This is very hydrating & does all the same things any other PDRN product does for the skin. The nice thing is you can get just 1 syringe, the least expensive or you can pony up for the box of 10! This definitely is a great product!

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