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Kill The Fat

Kill The Fat


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Are you tired of the constant struggle with body fat in the most undesirable places? Ez Injector + Lipo lab If the patient is not enthusiastic about this situation, then it's time to fix it using our new set EZ Injector and lipolytic This set a faithful assistant in the fight against body fat Lipo Lab is a popular South Korean anti-fat products. The components included in the tool have a positive effect on the areas, splitting fat depots, and guarantee a long-lasting effect. Due to the prolonged result, the patient does not have the need to re-enter the drug too often. The active zones for injection are the following zones: double chin, shoulders and forearms armpits back and stomach side folds buttocks, femoral part knees. Injection is carried out directly into the area of fat deposits in the depth of 6-13 millimeters. The course of drug administration consists of a series of 4 to 15 sessions to obtain the desired result. The break between sessions is at least 3-4 weeks.

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